Andre’s Fusion Cooking and home of the “Fainted Rib”

Fusion Cuisine is a bounty of tastes! American, Cajun, Asian, Caribbean, & Ethnic flavors all fused together to create the wonders found at Andre’s BBQ & Seafood. Located in Lawrence on the Pike!

Andre Louissaint

was born in the Caribbean and raised in Miami.  He began cooking over 20 years ago in Hialeah. When a Sous-chef didn’t show up for work, Andre assisted the chef-in-charge in preparing that evening’s meal.  It opened a flood of creativity that has grown into Andre’s own unique cuisine that’s rich with flavor!

Indianapolis’s own BBQ Cuisine – Andre’s BBQ and Seafood where you can feast on ribs, pulled pork, chicken, fish and shrimp all flavored to perfection! You see, when you Truly BBQ you have to cook that meat “low and slow.”  That is a low temperature and for a slow time. When you get the meat out, it should be so tender it will “faint” right off the bone. That’s Andre’s difference! Come visit Indy’s best barbecue, NOW with two convenient locations car locksmith near me.